Wooplaw Community Woodland Workshop, August 2007

About the workshop

The workshop was hosted by Wooplaw Community Woodland, and chaired by Donald McPhillimy and Angela Mercer.

It consisted of ten people around a table, during the weekend which marked Wooplaw Community Woodland's twentieth anniversary as one of Scotland's pioneering community woodlands.

The people taking part were:

Eoin Cox - Woodschool and buy Design; founder member, Wooplaw Community Woodland

Anna Craigen - Community Liaison and Education Officer, Borders Forest Trust; director, Wooplaw Community Woodland

Bob Fleet - green woodworker; wood turner; director, Wooplaw Community Woodland

Ed Iglehart - artist and environmental activist; founder member, South West Community Woodlands

Nigel Lowthrop - founder, Hill Holt Wood

Donald McPhillimy - woodland consultant; director, Reforesting Scotland; founder member of Wooplaw Community Woodland

Angela Mercer - long-term active member of Wooplaw Community Woodlands, Borders Forest Trust, and the Community Woodlands Association

Ulrich Leonig - founder of the Centre for Human Ecology

Bob Stock - director, Wooplaw Community Woodland

Mike Trevett - director of Action for Change, a social enterprise business

Emma Chapman - writer - was present to help record the event