Tree Identification for Everyone

Tree Identification for Everyone was an ambitious project to create a tree identification resource pack that would be accessible to a much wider group of people - people who may not normally have access to woodland and wildlife publications. The project chose 22 of Scotland's native and most common trees to focus on - trees that people could go out and find in their local woods. Gaelic and Latin names are given, together with folklore, description and habit for each of the species.

Featuring extensive and detailed original photos by Hugh Fife, the tree identification sheets are designed to be taken into the woods to have a go.

Download a sample to try out now!

image of the Birch tree identification sheetBirch ((PDF file) 491KB)image of the Elder tree identification sheetElder ((PDF file) 559KB)

The other trees covered by the pack are: alder, ash, aspen, beech, bird cherry, blackthorn, elm, gean (cherry), hawthorn, hazel, holly, juniper, larch, oak, rowan, Scots pine, and sitka spruce.

The full pack contains:

These packs are distributed to hundreds of schools and resource centres throughout Scotland. You can purchase the complete pack for £7.50 each, or 5 packs for £30 - please contact Hugh Fife (). A small packing and postage charge of £2.90 per pack (or £5.80 for 5 packs) will be made to cover our costs.

Tree Identification for Everyone is part of Reforesting Scotland's access and inclusion work, which is being taken forward by the Blarbuie Woodland Enterprise.

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