Radical Rowan newsletter

Banner used for the Radical Rowan newsletter

The Radical Rowan has been the newsletter of Reforesting Scotland since 1992. It comes out twice a year, in between issues of the Journal, to keep members up to date with what Reforesting Scotland is doing, providing them with news and information about Reforesting Scotland projects and events, plus updates about members' own projects.

It is produced by members, for members. If you have material to contribute to the next issue, please email the The Radical Rowan team . Members' own projects are part of the network's news, so feel free to submit a short item on what's going on in your own area - especially if you have pictures!

The team is also currently looking for new members to share the work of producing the Rowan and to contribute ideas.

Another way to help both RS and the environment is to ask to have your Rowan delivered electronically, rather than by post - if you haven't already done so, please do contact the RS office to ask for this.

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