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Back issues

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Issue Date Contents Cover
45 Spring/Summer 2012

Co-operative living - a low impact choice?
Cover of issue 45 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
44 Autumn/Winter 2011-12

Reforestation, regeneration and renewal
Cover of issue 44 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
43 Spring/Summer 2011

Woodland shelter
Cover of issue 43 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
42 Autumn/Winter 2010

Woodlands and water
Cover of issue 42 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
41 Spring/Summer 2010

Cover of issue 41 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
40 Autumn/Winter 2009-10

Scotland in Transition
Cover of issue 40 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
39 Spring/Summer 2009

The future of forests
  • First Shoots: Planting for climate change by Roseanna Cunningham
  • Buying the Devil's Beef Tub
  • Forests to save the world... or at least Scotland
  • Building a sustainable woodfuel industry
  • Time for a change? Alternative forestry
  • Lever and mulch - a different approach to rhodie-bashing
  • Heat your home, help save the world
Cover of issue 39 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
38 Autumn 2008

Learning to reconnect
  • First Shoots: Forest School - re-connecting children with the outdoors
  • Seeing the stars - from Govan to Dalriada
  • The 'Powerpod' - a peer education project
  • Gardens of inspiration - by creating we think
  • School days at Barnluasgan
  • The changing climate of education - learning from children
  • Coping with deer - adding value to a woodland smallholding
  • Who owns Scotland's natural products?
Cover of issue 38 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
37 Spring 2008

Forest arts
  • First Shoots: We are all nature by Giles Sutherland
  • Organic arts - the art farm project
  • Saami soundscapes - politics and environment in Arctic Europe
  • Source and presence - Dalziel + Scullion
  • Thinking big - overcoming barriers to ecological restoration
  • The Woodland Orchestra
  • The Walking Theatre Company
  • Art & poetry by Caroline Dear, Anna King, Richard Brockbank, Alison Swinfen, Roger Hall & The Scottish Furniture Makers
Cover of issue 37 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
36 Spring/Summer 2007

Reclaiming our food supply
  • First Shoots: Fair play from farm to fork
  • Peak oil, compost and attitude!
  • The good old Scots diet
  • Permaculture
  • Apples in Glasgow
  • Newburgh orchards
  • Food from the forest
  • Berry scoops
Cover of issue 36 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
35 Autumn/Winter 2006

Rethinking energy
  • First Shoots: Scotland's future as the Saudi Arabia of renewables
  • Balancing the energy equation: people power and land-based projects
  • The end of cheap oil
  • Permaculture and energy
  • Climate chaos and community campaigning - Portobello Energy Descent and Land Reform Group
  • Isle of Eigg - getting power to the people
  • Paper making - a report on the paper industry
  • Alyth - Climate Action Town
Cover of issue 35 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
34 Spring/Summer 2006

The Land Issue - where are we now?
  • First Shoots: Half of Scotland is missing
  • Community land ownership in Scotland - the story so far
  • Land reform
  • Isle of Eigg revisited
  • Poachers turned gamekeepers - the Assynt buyout
  • Land - paying for your living room
  • Control of land through community woodlands - a Community Woodlands Association perspective
  • Umnas and Ammarnas - mountain village communities in Sweden
Cover of issue 34 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
33 Summer 2005

A place to live
Cover of issue 33 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
32 Autumn/Winter 2004

Access for all
  • First Shoots: tree planting - no morning-after pill for fossil fuel excesses
  • Feeling safe and being free
  • Middlefield Community Garden
  • Highland Disabled Ramblers
  • RS interview: making woods work
  • Tree Planters Guide to Douglas Fir
  • Scottish hardwoods: the future is bright
Cover of issue 32 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
31 Spring 2004

Forests: the benefits they bring us
  • When is an Eco-house more harmful than a giant holiday complex?
  • First Shoots - Review of the national Forest Estate"
  • Living with Nature - Rubha Phoil Forest Gardens
  • Ken Patterson - Artist in Wood
  • Woodlands - The Health Benefits
  • Tree Planters Guide to Whitebean
  • Laggan - The way forward in the 21st Century
Cover of issue 31 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
30 Autumn 2003

Forest economics
  • Tree houses - the ultimate buildings of the forest
  • The goose that lays the golden egg - revisiting how "our ancestors stole their future from us"
  • The Flow Country, Stramash - have we learned the lessons?
  • The tree planter's guide to dog rose
  • Biocultural heritage in European forests
  • My life in an urban woodland - a story of unexpected tranquility in the centre of London
  • Ancient woodland - PAWS for thought
  • Artists in wood - two at Sunart
Cover of issue 30 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
29 Spring 2003

Non-timber forest products
  • Sourcing and marketing non-timber forest products
  • Who says money doesn't grow on trees?
  • No fence planting - a lesson from Wales
  • Native woodland restoration - can it improve soils in the Highlands?
  • An interview with Chris Nixon, district manager of Forest Enterprise in Dornoch
Cover of issue 29 of Reforesting Scotland
28 Autumn 2002

Warmth from wood
  • Developing fuelwood
  • From wet wood to dry fuel
  • Choosing your fuel - logs or chips?
  • Making fuelwood work - Kinlochleven Community and Sports Centre
  • Fuelwood successes in Sweden
Cover of issue 28 of Reforesting Scotland
27 Winter 2001

Do we want genetically modified trees?
  • The truth about Christmas trees
  • Think local, but don't forget to act globally
  • Genetically modified trees - the cases for and against
  • Norwegian wood
Cover of issue 27 of Reforesting Scotland
26 Summer 2001

A world of wood
  • A world of wood
  • Articles on forestry in Spain, Portugal, Cameroon, Kenya, Estonia, Canada, Poland, Russia and Papua New Guinea
  • Should wolves be reintroduced to the Highlands of Scotland?
  • Locating seed sources for Scottish native trees
Cover of issue 26 of Reforesting Scotland
25 Winter 2000

A sustainable future for Scotland?
  • Visions of a reforested Scotland
  • Recycled versus FSC - building a market for environmentally friendly paper
  • Target organic! - the campaign for an Organic Food and Farming Targets Bill for Scotland
  • Working together - hill sheep and native woodland
  • Building for sustainability
Cover of issue 25 of Reforesting Scotland
24 Summer 2000

Who cares about trees?
  • Repopulating deserts - Talamh Housing and the Green Dome Fayre
  • Woodlands for butterflies
  • The deer debate
  • An interview with Dick Balharry
  • A growing store of wealth
Cover of issue 24 of Reforesting Scotland
23 Spring 2000

How to reforest Scotland
  • Why natural regeneration?
  • Ecological restoration of natural forests - the two main approaches
  • Expanding native woodlands - await colonisation or plant?
  • Rethinking the economics of natural regeneration
  • Deer as a resource
  • Glen Finglas - the return of the forest
Cover of issue 23 of Reforesting Scotland
22 Autumn 1999

The people and the trees
  • Land reform and civil society
  • Land reform - a view from the city
  • Forests for Scotland - forests for people?
  • Timber landscape and the importance of design
  • The Reforesting Scotland guide to Scottish native tree nurseries
Cover of issue 22 of Reforesting Scotland
21 Summer 1999

The art of wood
  • Environmental art - medium or movement?
  • Lothian Trees and Timber - promoting the use of local hardwood timbers and sustainable forest management
  • Tree music
  • Environmental Arts Theatre Company
Cover of issue 21 of Reforesting Scotland
20 Spring 1999

What future for forests?
  • The future of rural communities
  • The past and future forest
  • Report from a future forest
  • Re-storying Scotland
  • A voice in the wilderness
Cover of issue 20 of Reforesting Scotland
19 Winter 1998

Working woods
  • The rough guide to marketing your timber
  • The people's land - the appraisal of Rural Development Forestry in the UK
  • Fruits of the forest - developing markets for timber products
  • What is rural sustainability?
  • Leckmelm - a wood of our own
  • Woven wonders - basketry at its best
Cover of issue 19 of Reforesting Scotland
18 Spring 1998

Greening our cities
  • The importance of urban forestry
  • Glasgow's urban and community forests
  • Urban orchards
  • Bringing nature back into the city
Cover of issue 18 of Reforesting Scotland
17 Autumn 1997

We are the community!
  • Land rights - a call to arms
  • What is a Community Woodland?
  • An interview with Maggie Fyffe of the Isle of Eigg Residents Association
  • Living with the land
  • The Sacred Run
Cover of issue 17 of Reforesting Scotland
16 Spring 1997

Whose party line is it anyway?
  • Why is the environment so low down the political agenda?
  • Whose party line is it anyway? - putting the land question to politicians
  • Glenfeshie betrayed
  • Smoothing the way for low impact development - a view from south of the border
  • Highland Renewal - reforestation on Mull
Cover of issue 16 of Reforesting Scotland
15 Autumn 1996

Wild land - would we be lost without it?
  • The Borders Wildwood project
  • Return of the animal spirits
  • Will ye no come back again? - reinstating the European beaver in Britain
  • Building for the future - Gledhow Bank eco-houses project
Cover of issue 15 of Reforesting Scotland
14 Spring 1996

The land issue
  • Who owns Scotland?
  • The progress of Scottish land reform
  • Eigg - the continuing saga
  • Our Borders wood - the story so far...
  • Hut culture
  • Stirling without sterling - a rough guide to LETS
Cover of issue 14 of Reforesting Scotland
13 Winter 1995
  • Coed Eryri - wild Wales
  • The Scottish Millennium Forest Centre - building a sustainable future
  • Echoes down the Glen of Landed Power
  • Trees, kings and cosmology
Cover of issue 13 of Reforesting Scotland
12 Spring 1995

A revolution in forestry?
  • Ask the people - do communities know how they want the land around them managed?
  • Bioregionalism - born in Scotland?
  • The last jewel - the ancient forest of Bialowieza
  • A wood for South Uist
Cover of issue 12 of Reforesting Scotland
11 Autumn 1994
  • The Forest of Caledon - a lottery?
  • Will the Wildwood come again?
  • Seeking a better life for the children - Irish rural resettlement
Cover of issue 11 of Reforesting Scotland
10 Spring 1994
  • Lowland crofting
  • Red deer - what's the big problem?
  • Creag Meagaidh National Nature Reserve - the re-birth of a native woodland
  • The Rio Forest Principles and sustainable forestry in Scotland - would things not be better left UNCED?
Cover of issue 10 of Reforesting Scotland
9 Autumn 1993
  • Snapshots from Norway
  • Fruits of the Highland forest - Moniack Wineries
  • The "History of the Scottish Forests" revisited
  • A city in the forest - Oslo
Cover of issue 9 of Reforesting Scotland
8 Spring 1993
  • Alba Trees
  • A log house in the Highlands
  • Swedish forestry
  • Sowing tree and shrub seed
  • Woodburning stoves
Cover of issue 8 of Reforesting Scotland
7 Autumn 1992
  • The Trees for Life Project
  • Working horses in Norwegian woods
  • Duartbeg tree nursery
  • Vorsprung Durch Waldtechnik - forestry in Germany
  • The Scottish Tree Trust
Cover of issue 7 of Reforesting Scotland

Back issues of The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy

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Issue Date Contents Cover
6 Spring 1992
  • The Highland Deeside Forest
  • Paradise logged - the deforestation of British Columbia
  • The Isle Martin project
  • Seed treatment and storage
  • Siberia - a future for the Taiga?
  • Organic trees
Cover of issue 6 of The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy
5 Autumn 1991
  • Montane willow scrub - gone today, gone forever?
  • Burning the baobabs - the deforestation of Ghana
  • The caddis and the carpenter - Tim Stead
  • Scottish tree nursery survey
  • "Beware the stag" - a visit to Glen Tanar
Cover of issue 5 of The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy
4 Spring 1991
  • The Woodland Trust in Scotland
  • Cell-grown nursery stock
  • Tree and shrub seed collecting
  • Our ancestors stole their future from us - the implications of sustainable forestry
Cover of issue 4 of The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy
3 Autumn 1990
  • Crann - the Irish word for tree
  • Trees Company
  • Reforesting Niger - a visit by the sponsors
  • The tree in Western art
Cover of issue 3 of The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy
2 Spring 1990
  • An interview with Peter Wormell
  • Tree temples
  • Tree shelters - a growing phenomenon
  • Growing up with trees - a Scottish Community Woods Campaign initiative
Cover of issue 2 of The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy
1 Summer 1989
  • Reforesting Scotland - reforesting the Earth
  • Working from within - a better future for Scotland's native woodlands
  • The Isle of Rhum - the Nature Conservancy Council's long-running woodland restoration project
  • The Loch Garry Project
Cover of issue 1 of The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy

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