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The publication of a bi-annual magazine is central to the work of Reforesting Scotland, as the main means of communicating the organisation's role in the ecological and social regeneration of Scotland. Each issue carries a range of articles dealing with a specific theme, as well as regulars including 'Woodland reports', the 'First shoots' guest column, and other frequent threads such as 'Artists in wood' and 'Buildings of the forest'.

From autumn-winter 2012, the Journal is produced in full colour (having previously had a colour cover but black and white text pages). This is an exciting development in the evolution of the Journal.

If you join Reforesting Scotland, you will receive a copy of the Reforesting Scotland Journal and The Radical Rowan Newsletter with your subscription. Copies of the journal are also available to non-subscribers; read on for more details.The Journal is also available from selected retail stockists.

Current issue

Cover of issue 46 of the Reforesting 
Scotland journal. Click here for larger version.

The current issue of Reforesting Scotland is issue 46 (Autumn/Winter 2012). Its theme is 'The living forest', tying in with the annual Reforesting Scotland Gathering in Strathspey in early October 2012.

Articles include:

... plus news, woodfuel news, project updates, diary dates, book reviews and more.

Where to buy the Journal and how to stock it

The Reforesting Scotland Journal is available direct from the Reforesting Scotland office by mail order. The current issue costs £3.80 plus £1.10 postage - total £4.95 per copy.

The Journal is also available from a selection of independent outlets around Scotland at £3.80 per copy. Outlets include independent bookshops, art and craft galleries, wholefood stores, farm shops, heritage centres and forest visitor centres. Download our list of stockists here (PDF format 47KB).

Please get in touch if you would like to suggest a potential stockist. If you are a retailer interested in the possibility of stocking the Journal, please download our trade information (PDF format 72KB) and contact to discuss.

Advertising in the Journal

Would you like to tell our readers about your business? Advertising in the Reforesting Scotland Journal is a good way to reach a network of like-minded people, and we welcome new advertisers in every issue. Rates from £55, with discounts for repeat bookings and stockists. Download our rate card (PDF format 68KB).

Back issues

Back issues of Reforesting Scotland and The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy are available to non-subscribers for £2.90 each including postage & packing. The price reduces if you buy more than 5 at once - orders of 5-15 copies are £2.45 per copy; orders of 16 or more copies are £2.00 per copy.

The current issue costs £2.95 plus £1.10 postage - total £4.05 per copy.

A summary of the contents of each issue is given on the back-issues order form (PDF file) (PDF file, 91KB).

To order back issues, please print out the order form and send it to the address shown at the bottom of this page, along with either a cheque payable to 'Reforesting Scotland', or a postal order, indicating the issue(s) that you wish to receive. We regret that we are unable to accept credit or debit cards as a form of payment.

For information about overseas orders, or back-issue rates for members, please contact the Reforesting Scotland office or email .

Reforesting Scotland back issues

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Issue Date Contents Cover
45 Spring/Summer 2012

Co-operative living - a low impact choice?
Cover of issue 45 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
44 Autumn/Winter 2011-12

Reforestation, regeneration and renewal
Cover of issue 44 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
43 Spring/Summer 2011

Woodland shelter
Cover of issue 43 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
42 Autumn/Winter 2010

Woodlands and water
Cover of issue 42 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
41 Spring/Summer 2010

Cover of issue 41 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
40 Autumn/Winter 2009-10

Scotland in Transition
Cover of issue 40 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
39 Spring/Summer 2009

The future of forests
  • First Shoots: Planting for climate change by Roseanna Cunningham
  • Buying the Devil's Beef Tub
  • Forests to save the world... or at least Scotland
  • Building a sustainable woodfuel industry
  • Time for a change? Alternative forestry
  • Lever and mulch - a different approach to rhodie-bashing
  • Heat your home, help save the world
Cover of issue 39 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
38 Autumn 2008

Learning to reconnect
  • First Shoots: Forest School - re-connecting children with the outdoors
  • Seeing the stars - from Govan to Dalriada
  • The 'Powerpod' - a peer education project
  • Gardens of inspiration - by creating we think
  • School days at Barnluasgan
  • The changing climate of education - learning from children
  • Coping with deer - adding value to a woodland smallholding
  • Who owns Scotland's natural products?
Cover of issue 38 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
37 Spring 2008

Forest arts
  • First Shoots: We are all nature by Giles Sutherland
  • Organic arts - the art farm project
  • Saami soundscapes - politics and environment in Arctic Europe
  • Source and presence - Dalziel + Scullion
  • Thinking big - overcoming barriers to ecological restoration
  • The Woodland Orchestra
  • The Walking Theatre Company
  • Art & poetry by Caroline Dear, Anna King, Richard Brockbank, Alison Swinfen, Roger Hall & The Scottish Furniture Makers
Cover of issue 37 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
36 Spring/Summer 2007

Reclaiming our food supply
  • First Shoots: Fair play from farm to fork
  • Peak oil, compost and attitude!
  • The good old Scots diet
  • Permaculture
  • Apples in Glasgow
  • Newburgh orchards
  • Food from the forest
  • Berry scoops
Cover of issue 36 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
35 Autumn/Winter 2006

Rethinking energy
  • First Shoots: Scotland's future as the Saudi Arabia of renewables
  • Balancing the energy equation: people power and land-based projects
  • The end of cheap oil
  • Permaculture and energy
  • Climate chaos and community campaigning - Portobello Energy Descent and Land Reform Group
  • Isle of Eigg - getting power to the people
  • Paper making - a report on the paper industry
  • Alyth - Climate Action Town
Cover of issue 35 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
34 Spring/Summer 2006

The Land Issue - where are we now?
  • First Shoots: Half of Scotland is missing
  • Community land ownership in Scotland - the story so far
  • Land reform
  • Isle of Eigg revisited
  • Poachers turned gamekeepers - the Assynt buyout
  • Land - paying for your living room
  • Control of land through community woodlands - a Community Woodlands Association perspective
  • Umnas and Ammarnas - mountain village communities in Sweden
Cover of issue 34 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
33 Summer 2005

A place to live
Cover of issue 33 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
32 Autumn/Winter 2004

Access for all
  • First Shoots: tree planting - no morning-after pill for fossil fuel excesses
  • Feeling safe and being free
  • Middlefield Community Garden
  • Highland Disabled Ramblers
  • RS interview: making woods work
  • Tree Planters Guide to Douglas Fir
  • Scottish hardwoods: the future is bright
Cover of issue 32 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
31 Spring 2004

Forests: the benefits they bring us
  • When is an Eco-house more harmful than a giant holiday complex?
  • First Shoots - Review of the national Forest Estate"
  • Living with Nature - Rubha Phoil Forest Gardens
  • Ken Patterson - Artist in Wood
  • Woodlands - The Health Benefits
  • Tree Planters Guide to Whitebean
  • Laggan - The way forward in the 21st Century
Cover of issue 31 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
30 Autumn 2003

Forest economics
  • Tree houses - the ultimate buildings of the forest
  • The goose that lays the golden egg - revisiting how "our ancestors stole their future from us"
  • The Flow Country, Stramash - have we learned the lessons?
  • The tree planter's guide to dog rose
  • Biocultural heritage in European forests
  • My life in an urban woodland - a story of unexpected tranquility in the centre of London
  • Ancient woodland - PAWS for thought
  • Artists in wood - two at Sunart
Cover of issue 30 of the Reforesting Scotland journal
29 Spring 2003

Non-timber forest products
  • Sourcing and marketing non-timber forest products
  • Who says money doesn't grow on trees?
  • No fence planting - a lesson from Wales
  • Native woodland restoration - can it improve soils in the Highlands?
  • An interview with Chris Nixon, district manager of Forest Enterprise in Dornoch
Cover of issue 29 of Reforesting Scotland
28 Autumn 2002

Warmth from wood
  • Developing fuelwood
  • From wet wood to dry fuel
  • Choosing your fuel - logs or chips?
  • Making fuelwood work - Kinlochleven Community and Sports Centre
  • Fuelwood successes in Sweden
Cover of issue 28 of Reforesting Scotland
27 Winter 2001

Do we want genetically modified trees?
  • The truth about Christmas trees
  • Think local, but don't forget to act globally
  • Genetically modified trees - the cases for and against
  • Norwegian wood
Cover of issue 27 of Reforesting Scotland
26 Summer 2001

A world of wood
  • A world of wood
  • Articles on forestry in Spain, Portugal, Cameroon, Kenya, Estonia, Canada, Poland, Russia and Papua New Guinea
  • Should wolves be reintroduced to the Highlands of Scotland?
  • Locating seed sources for Scottish native trees
Cover of issue 26 of Reforesting Scotland
25 Winter 2000

A sustainable future for Scotland?
  • Visions of a reforested Scotland
  • Recycled versus FSC - building a market for environmentally friendly paper
  • Target organic! - the campaign for an Organic Food and Farming Targets Bill for Scotland
  • Working together - hill sheep and native woodland
  • Building for sustainability
Cover of issue 25 of Reforesting Scotland
24 Summer 2000

Who cares about trees?
  • Repopulating deserts - Talamh Housing and the Green Dome Fayre
  • Woodlands for butterflies
  • The deer debate
  • An interview with Dick Balharry
  • A growing store of wealth
Cover of issue 24 of Reforesting Scotland
23 Spring 2000

How to reforest Scotland
  • Why natural regeneration?
  • Ecological restoration of natural forests - the two main approaches
  • Expanding native woodlands - await colonisation or plant?
  • Rethinking the economics of natural regeneration
  • Deer as a resource
  • Glen Finglas - the return of the forest
Cover of issue 23 of Reforesting Scotland
22 Autumn 1999

The people and the trees
  • Land reform and civil society
  • Land reform - a view from the city
  • Forests for Scotland - forests for people?
  • Timber landscape and the importance of design
  • The Reforesting Scotland guide to Scottish native tree nurseries
Cover of issue 22 of Reforesting Scotland
21 Summer 1999

The art of wood
  • Environmental art - medium or movement?
  • Lothian Trees and Timber - promoting the use of local hardwood timbers and sustainable forest management
  • Tree music
  • Environmental Arts Theatre Company
Cover of issue 21 of Reforesting Scotland
20 Spring 1999

What future for forests?
  • The future of rural communities
  • The past and future forest
  • Report from a future forest
  • Re-storying Scotland
  • A voice in the wilderness
Cover of issue 20 of Reforesting Scotland
19 Winter 1998

Working woods
  • The rough guide to marketing your timber
  • The people's land - the appraisal of Rural Development Forestry in the UK
  • Fruits of the forest - developing markets for timber products
  • What is rural sustainability?
  • Leckmelm - a wood of our own
  • Woven wonders - basketry at its best
Cover of issue 19 of Reforesting Scotland
18 Spring 1998

Greening our cities
  • The importance of urban forestry
  • Glasgow's urban and community forests
  • Urban orchards
  • Bringing nature back into the city
Cover of issue 18 of Reforesting Scotland
17 Autumn 1997

We are the community!
  • Land rights - a call to arms
  • What is a Community Woodland?
  • An interview with Maggie Fyffe of the Isle of Eigg Residents Association
  • Living with the land
  • The Sacred Run
Cover of issue 17 of Reforesting Scotland
16 Spring 1997

Whose party line is it anyway?
  • Why is the environment so low down the political agenda?
  • Whose party line is it anyway? - putting the land question to politicians
  • Glenfeshie betrayed
  • Smoothing the way for low impact development - a view from south of the border
  • Highland Renewal - reforestation on Mull
Cover of issue 16 of Reforesting Scotland
15 Autumn 1996

Wild land - would we be lost without it?
  • The Borders Wildwood project
  • Return of the animal spirits
  • Will ye no come back again? - reinstating the European beaver in Britain
  • Building for the future - Gledhow Bank eco-houses project
Cover of issue 15 of Reforesting Scotland
14 Spring 1996

The land issue
  • Who owns Scotland?
  • The progress of Scottish land reform
  • Eigg - the continuing saga
  • Our Borders wood - the story so far...
  • Hut culture
  • Stirling without sterling - a rough guide to LETS
Cover of issue 14 of Reforesting Scotland
13 Winter 1995
  • Coed Eryri - wild Wales
  • The Scottish Millennium Forest Centre - building a sustainable future
  • Echoes down the Glen of Landed Power
  • Trees, kings and cosmology
Cover of issue 13 of Reforesting Scotland
12 Spring 1995

A revolution in forestry?
  • Ask the people - do communities know how they want the land around them managed?
  • Bioregionalism - born in Scotland?
  • The last jewel - the ancient forest of Bialowieza
  • A wood for South Uist
Cover of issue 12 of Reforesting Scotland
11 Autumn 1994
  • The Forest of Caledon - a lottery?
  • Will the Wildwood come again?
  • Seeking a better life for the children - Irish rural resettlement
Cover of issue 11 of Reforesting Scotland
10 Spring 1994
  • Lowland crofting
  • Red deer - what's the big problem?
  • Creag Meagaidh National Nature Reserve - the re-birth of a native woodland
  • The Rio Forest Principles and sustainable forestry in Scotland - would things not be better left UNCED?
Cover of issue 10 of Reforesting Scotland
9 Autumn 1993
  • Snapshots from Norway
  • Fruits of the Highland forest - Moniack Wineries
  • The "History of the Scottish Forests" revisited
  • A city in the forest - Oslo
Cover of issue 9 of Reforesting Scotland
8 Spring 1993
  • Alba Trees
  • A log house in the Highlands
  • Swedish forestry
  • Sowing tree and shrub seed
  • Woodburning stoves
Cover of issue 8 of Reforesting Scotland
7 Autumn 1992
  • The Trees for Life Project
  • Working horses in Norwegian woods
  • Duartbeg tree nursery
  • Vorsprung Durch Waldtechnik - forestry in Germany
  • The Scottish Tree Trust
Cover of issue 7 of Reforesting Scotland

Back issues of The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy

If you wish to view a larger version of a magazine cover, simply click on or select the appropriate cover.

Issue Date Contents Cover
6 Spring 1992
  • The Highland Deeside Forest
  • Paradise logged - the deforestation of British Columbia
  • The Isle Martin project
  • Seed treatment and storage
  • Siberia - a future for the Taiga?
  • Organic trees
Cover of issue 6 of The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy
5 Autumn 1991
  • Montane willow scrub - gone today, gone forever?
  • Burning the baobabs - the deforestation of Ghana
  • The caddis and the carpenter - Tim Stead
  • Scottish tree nursery survey
  • "Beware the stag" - a visit to Glen Tanar
Cover of issue 5 of The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy
4 Spring 1991
  • The Woodland Trust in Scotland
  • Cell-grown nursery stock
  • Tree and shrub seed collecting
  • Our ancestors stole their future from us - the implications of sustainable forestry
Cover of issue 4 of The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy
3 Autumn 1990
  • Crann - the Irish word for tree
  • Trees Company
  • Reforesting Niger - a visit by the sponsors
  • The tree in Western art
Cover of issue 3 of The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy
2 Spring 1990
  • An interview with Peter Wormell
  • Tree temples
  • Tree shelters - a growing phenomenon
  • Growing up with trees - a Scottish Community Woods Campaign initiative
Cover of issue 2 of The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy
1 Summer 1989
  • Reforesting Scotland - reforesting the Earth
  • Working from within - a better future for Scotland's native woodlands
  • The Isle of Rhum - the Nature Conservancy Council's long-running woodland restoration project
  • The Loch Garry Project
Cover of issue 1 of The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy

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