Reforesting Scotland has always carried a range of projects. Delivering support and advice to people who are developing their own initiatives for a sustainable Scotland can be as important as lobbying the government to change their policies. We try to avoid competing with other organisations providing such services, often filling a gap in provision of advice and support for community and individual initiatives. The projects respond to the needs of the membership and project participants and we are innovative in our approach and in the subjects we cover.

For details of some of the projects Reforesting Scotland has carried out in the past, see the Past projects section.

A thousand huts

Campaign to promote hutting culture

Blarbuie Woodland Enterprise

The Blarbuie Woodland logoA Partnership Social Enterprise, which grew out of a Reforesting Scotland project

Forest gardening

Reforesting Scotland's encourages gardeners to experiment and build up a knowledge base for how forest gardening works in practice in Scotland. The Forest Gardening display is available for suitable events and venues.

ForestHarvest website

The dedicated website for Scotland's wild harvests and non-timber forest products.


Promoting schemes to use fuelwood - logs, woodchips, sawdust, etc. - as an alternative method of heating and power in rural areas.

Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs)

This page gives an overview of Reforesting Scotland's work promoting non-timber forest products - food, decorative products, herbal medicines and pharmaceuticals - and helping companies to market these products. Reforesting Scotland projects involving NTFPs have included the Sustainable Forest Harvest project, the Wild Harvests Sector Support project (which led to the formation of the Scottish Wild Harvests Association), the ForestHarvest website, and involvement in the Scottish Working Woods label, as well as producing information and organising seminars.

The Scottish Working Woods label

Reforesting Scotland is one of the partner organisations involved with developing and administering this initiative to promote products from Scotland's woods.


An inspirational book, celebrating the work of Reforesting Scotland, its members and other woodland pioneers.

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