Local Native Tree Nurseries

In the years after Reforesting Scotland was formed, the number of native trees being planted in Scotland rose dramatically. This was due, at least in part, to increased public awareness of the importance of woodlands for restoring the biodiversity and cultural heritage of Scotland and to changes in the Woodland Grant Scheme. Expansion of native woodland cover will also play an important role in rural economic development, by accessing commercial markets for native timber products and from the growing market for locally produced native trees.

Local native tree nurseries help tree planters to obtain trees from local and native seed sources. Local seed ensures that the trees are adapted to the climatic conditions and are more likely to survive and develop into strong trees.

The Local Native Tree Nursery Network, set up by Reforesting Scotland, encouraged the exchange of information between nurseries and those intending to set up a nursery, and promoted local provenance native trees. It did this by organising nursery visits, disseminating information on regulations and techniques, and by producing lists of native tree nurseries to help planters obtain locally grown trees.

More information

The TreeNurseryScotland website

The TreeNurseryScotland website was set up by a Reforesting Scotland member who was aware that the Local Native Tree Nursery Network was no longer active and that the Community Woodland information sheet was becoming out of date.

The website provides information on tree nurseries in Scotland, including a list of local native tree nurseries in Scotland. The emphasis is on local native tree nurseries, although some larger ones which guarantee known tree seed provenance have been included.

TreeNurseryScotland is not a commercial website and depends entirely on voluntary time.

Community Woodland information sheet

Cover of the Community Woodland information sheet on tree nurseries

Reforesting Scotland published an information sheet on tree nurseries as part of the Community Woodland Information Pack. The sheet as published by Reforesting Scotland in September 2002 contained a list of more than 30 native tree nurseries in Scotland.

These information sheets are now distributed by the Community Woodlands Association (CWA) - see the information sheets page for details.

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