Past projects


This section is an archive of some of Reforesting Scotland's finished or dormant projects. For details of current Reforesting Scotland projects, see the Projects section.

Aberdeenshire Disability Active Pathway Trails (ADAPT)

A partnership project, part of Reforesting Scotland's access and inclusion work - which is now being taken forward by the Blarbuie Woodland Enterprise.

Community Woodlands

Providing information and support for Community Woodland Groups, and helping them to set up and maintain community woodlands all over Scotland and to exchange information between groups. This project led to the establishment of the Community Woodland Association, and the work it pioneered is now addressed by that organisation.

Green Spaces in the Urban Environment

Focusing on the provision of green spaces, such as parks and gardens, within urban areas.

Local Native Tree Nurseries

Promoting the planting of trees which are native to Scotland, and providing information about tree nurseries which grow native trees and helping them to exchange information with each other. One legacy of this project is the information which was used to set up the TreeNursery Scotland website.

Low Impact Living project

Low impact living means individuals and groups of people building a low-carbon, environmentally sustainable lifestyle. The Low Impact Living project seeks to raise awareness of the barriers to and opportunities for low impact development, particularly in relation to forests and forest resources, in Scotland.

Norway Study Tour Review

This evaluation report was commissioned to assess the outcomes of the 1993 Reforesting Scotland Study Tour, with some thought towards possible future Study Tours.

Rural Alternatives Shared Futures project

Working with 4 community groups across Scotland to explore alternative livelihood opportunities from sustainable use of local non-timber forest prodcuts (NTFPs). The project produced a variety of reports, including 6 case studies.

Sustainable Forest Harvest project

Developing methods for monitoring NTFP harvests.

Wild Harvests Sector Support project

Networking and supporting Scotland's wild harvests businesses.

Woodland Bounty

Celebrating wild harvests in the Scottish Borders, February 2009 - with a possible Foragers' Forum to come.

Woods for All

The start of Reforesting Scotland's access and inclusion work, which is now being taken forward by the Blarbuie Woodland Enterprise.

Wooplaw Workshop

A discussion on the future of community woodlands in Scotland.

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